Why Buddy Diving Is Recommended For Safety And Support

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Do you love diving alone or doing it with a friend? While for some people this is a preference, this should not be the case as buddy diving gives you support and ensures your safety. Buddy diving is even more important for novice divers. Buddy diving is more like a rule and highly recommended even for expert divers.

Solo diving gives you a solo experience while buddy diving gives a noble experience where you get to share the moment with someone. When you dive in pairs, your safety is highly enhanced as you get to keep an eye on your buddy. I know some of you might be wondering whether a buddy is really that important.

Here are some of the ways where a buddy comes in handy and plays a vital role in ensuring your safety:

Ease transportation of gears and equipment to the sea

You can pack all your equipment and gears in one large survival backpack to ensure efficient transport to the sea instead of two backpacks. Take stock of what each one of you needs and properly store them before heading out.

Helping test out your gears that you believe are in perfect condition

It is recommended that you always test your equipment before diving to ensure they are working properly. This is an exercise most divers do a week before heading out to dive. However, moments before diving, it is good that you do another check. Well, this is where most divers get it wrong and assume they will function well since they were tested barely a week ago. Your buddy can check your equipment while you check his and this way you ensure safety.

Combine the expertise of two divers

Most diving buddies consist of two pairs with almost or the same level of experience and knowledge. This way, the two can complement each other whenever there is a problem. The mental support they give each other is something that goes a long way in reducing tension and ensuring they dive freely. An expert diver buddy will make you feel safe and relaxed throughout the entire exercise.


There is usually communication between divers something that makes the experience more enjoyable. The communication should, however, be mutual where they agree on things like direction and duration in the water. There should be no argument or conflict of opinion when underwater as this would put you at risk.

Buddy diving helps maintain nature

The chances of solo divers messing with the natural marine life are high as compared to when buddy diving. Your partner keeps an eye on the activities you do while you do the same. The safety level is also maintained high as you look out for each other. In cases where one diver feels ill, the other one should help calm or take him out of the water safely.

In a case where your air fails, your buddy should be able to share with you until you’re out of the water. Nobody is 100% sure of what might happen once underwater. In case of any accidents, your buddy is always there to carry you to safety.

Some of the emergency situations where your buddy comes in handy are:

• Where equipment fails
• Where you run out of air for whatever reasons
• Medical emergencies or illness
• Where divers get trapped in ropes or nets
• When a diver is carried away by the water currents

Final verdict

While a buddy is so important, it is recommended that you avoid self-centered ego divers that will not look after you while in water. Diving with a good reliable diver makes the adventure more enjoyable and safe.

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